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For more than 20 years, the gradual improvement of complex, high-precision and the technology of the most important parts in the company has accumulated great experience. The accumulated experience allows enterprise for high mobility, flexibility, ability to instantly adjust the expected production for customers. The main range of products now includes more than 3,000 types of parts that were shipped to customers at their request. In addition to this, «Proeco» makes parts products for STB and Sulzer Ruti weaving looms, and on the above samples and drawings for textiles or other equipment. «PROiKO» Zo also conducts repair and modernization of STB weaving looms.

Machining of metals

services1The solutions to production problems are — custom metal, high performance bend and milling metal processing (parts such as non-ferrous metal, steel and other materials: parts such as body, disc, rings, nought and others). Cylindrical, conical, shape disshaped and end surfaces are processed, the extracts produced of external and internal threads are carried out, boring and the deployment of holes.

Qualitative production of parts for all branches of engineering and industry. All kinds of metal machining are performed on modern devices with precision of 6-7 square of accuracy, including:

  • Turning and milling
  • Gear grinding processing
  • Stamping, drilling and processing
  • Cutting, welding and brazing
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Vibration processing, polishing, painting
  • Repair and assembly work

Company's Eligibility Card

Eligibility Card

Our benefits:

services2The company has focused on providing a wide range of customers with the possibility to make high-quality products by ensuring the highest accuracy requirement in its development.

«PROiKO» is among the priorities of Zao — fast conditions of manufacturing, high-quality products and competitive prices. Precision Metal Services is the activity that the company provides requires a maximum professionalism and experience.

  • Metal processing is carried out on high precision equipment.
  • Affordable price policy, timeliness of order fulfillment, personal approach.
  • Large selection of content.
  • Use of advanced technology machining.
  • Warehouse for temporary storage of metal pieces.
  • The company's experts will execute the order of any complexity according to your sample and picture.
  • Providing guarantees for the company's products.
You can contact the data specified in the «Contacts» section to learn about the services to receive detailed information, as well as about our company's technical solutions and range of possibilities.

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