About the company

About the company

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«PROiKO» was founded in 1995 in the city of Cheboksary (Russia). For stb looms of various modifications of Russian production (shuttle sans knitting machine) for the production of spare parts and for the machines of foreign manufacturers (Sulzer Ruti — Switzerland), this is the main activity of «PROiKO» ZAO.

«PROiKO» also conduct repair and modernization of weaving looms STB and Sulzer Ruti Looms. For more than 20 years, the gradual improvement of complex, high-precision and the technology of the most important parts in the company has accumulated great experience. The accumulated experience allows enterprise for high mobility, flexibility, ability to instantly adjust the expected production for customers. The main range of products now includes more than 3,000 types of parts that were shipped to customers at their request. In addition to this, «Proeco» makes parts products for STB and Sulzer Ruti weaving looms, and on the above samples and drawings for textiles or other equipment.

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The company has a specific stamp of quality of products. The permanent partners of «PROiKO» are the largest textile company in Russia. The company's products are exported to more than 10 CIS and foreign countries. They are: India, Bangladesh, South-East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern European Countries and Other Countries. The dealer network has been established.

We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. Working with us, you will see that «PROiKO» Zo is a reliable partner! We are ready to consider all our suggestions.

You can contact the data specified in the «Contacts» section to learn about the services to receive detailed information, as well as about our company's technical solutions and range of possibilities.

We are always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation

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