• Spare parts for looms

    We make the product more than 1,000 kinds of parts and spare parts for the modern productive and high-precision machines.

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Machining of metals

Qualitative production of parts for all branches of engineering and industry. All kinds of metal machining are performed on modern devices with precision of 6-7 square of accuracy, including:

  • Turning and milling
  • Gear grinding processing
  • Stamping, drilling and processing
  • Cutting, welding and brazing
  • Heat treatment of metals
  • Vibration processing, polishing, painting
  • Repair and assembly work

Qualitative and fast metal

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Shuttle without production of spare parts for looms

Which is manufactured by Russian enterprises for production of spare parts for STB looms (shuttle less knitting machine) and for the machines of foreign manufacturers. The main range of products now covers more than 1,000 types of parts.


About the company

20 years of successful activity
1000 products names
Official Awards
«The main activity Proiko» ZAO that they were produced by the knitting machine for STB looms (shuttle) without spare parts, which makes looms «Tekstilmas» JSC (Cheboksri) and «Sibtecommas» JSC (Novosibirsk), and foreign manufacturers for machines.

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Exhibition in China CITME2006

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Participation in the 10th international exhibition to Beijing in October 2006


International Exhibition Textilelegprom 2006 Moscow

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International Exhibition Textilelegprom 2006 Moscow.

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